Education, Experience, & Awards

Selected Awards & Honors




Los Alamos National Lab

Systems Design & Analysis Intern | Summer 2017

  • Developed MCNP decks for nuclear thermal rockets
  • Completed the Dr. G. Robert Keepin Nonproliferation Summer School
  • Created and taught a primer on nuclear engineering for students without a background in nuclear science and engineering

Idaho National Lab

Fuels Modeling & Simulation Intern | Summer 2016

  • Developed and ran fuel simulations using the BISON fuel performance code.
  • Validated the code with Pellet Clad Mechanical Interaction (PCMI) data from the Halden Research Reactor.
  • Took a short course on C++ and well as Neutron Transport Theory.

University of Illinois

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

  • Lead TA for ENG 100: Orientation to Engineering
  • TA for NPRE 100: Orientation to Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
  • TA for NPRE 101: Introduction to Energy Sources

Exelon Generation

Reactor Engineering Intern | Summer 2015

  • Developed communication tools to convey Reactivity Management (RM) concepts to 700+ plant employees. Tools included a quarterly newsletter, RM system of the week, and RM awareness posters around the site.
  • Verified Special Nuclear Material Inventory and bundle orientations for all spent fuel (and radioactive sources) at the site.
Spent Fuel & Decommissioning Intern | Summer 2014

  • Created a database which houses information about all fuel that has failed within the entire lifetime of Exelon's 23 nuclear reactors.
  • Aided Exelon employees in various projects including accumulating data on cycle burnups for 4 of Exelon's reactors, and verifying fuel moves at the Zion reactor, which is currently being decommissioned.